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The adapter uses the apache axis2 webservice to communicate with the EcoSys application. By default, the number of connections the axis2 webservice can make are limited. The adapter provides configuration settings that you can use to increase number of connections. These settings are maxConnectionPerHost (default value is 50) and maxTotalConnection (default value is 100). A sample of the datasource configuration .xml file is shown below:



<parameter name="username">username</parameter>

<parameter name="password">password</parameter>

<parameter name="sapClient">800</parameter>

<parameter name="language">EN</parameter>

<parameter name="hostName"></parameter>

<parameter name="systemNumber">61</parameter>

<parameter name="repository">EcoSys</parameter>

<parameter name="maxConnectionPerHost">50</parameter>

<parameter name="maxTotalConnection">100</parameter>

<parameter name="maxPluginLogFiles">20</parameter>

<parameter name="maxPluginLogFileSize">25000KB</parameter>

<parameter name="latestRecordTimestampIncrement">5</parameter></connection>







The adapter now supports connection to multiple SAP systems from a single instance. You can configure multiple data sources for each SAP system. Refer to the sample .xml configuration file for information about how to configure data sources. The adapter uses hostname and systemNumber to create unique destination names. You can override this name using the parameter jcoDestinationName.

Support for other JCO connection pool settings have been added. However, these must not be used without consulting EcoSys.

<parameter name="jcoDestinationName">myDestination</parameter>

<parameter name="jcoPoolCapacity">50</parameter>

<parameter name="jcoPeakLimit">100</parameter>

<parameter name="jcoMaxGetTime">30000</parameter>

<parameter name="jcoExpirationPeriod">30000</parameter>

<parameter name="jcoExpirationTime">30000</parameter>