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2015 R1 (7.1)
7.1 (2014 R1)
7.2 (2014 R2)

Symbols include a graphic representation of the item as well as the properties associated with that item. SmartPlant Catalog Manager allows you to create and edit these symbols.

Some of the characteristics of a SmartPlant symbol include the graphic representation of the item, labels, the icon that represents the item, and the properties associated with the item.

Two types of labels display important information about drawing items:

  • Driving — Sets the property in the model, for example, a dimension that changes the size of the object.

  • Driven — Reports the property in the model, for example, a pressure label that takes its pressure value from the associated pump.

  • For more information about working with symbols and labels, see the Catalog Manager help.

  • For guidelines about how to create symbols for single-line diagrams in Catalog Manager, see Guidelines for Creating SLD Symbols in Catalog Manager (see ) in the SmartPlant Electrical help.