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SmartPlant P&ID Installation and Upgrade Guide

Intergraph Smart P&ID
Installation & Upgrade
2015 R1 (7.1)
7.1 (2014 R1)
7.2 (2014 R2)

SmartPlant integration supports custom hierarchies, as long as they contain a minimum of three levels. By default, the delivered SPEMdatamap.xml file is compatible with the standard Smart Plant > Area > Unit hierarchy.

  • After registering, SmartPlant Engineering Manager cannot retrieve the PBS document if the plant and SmartPlant hierarchies are not compatible. To be compatible with the SmartPlant hierarchy, your plant hierarchy can contain less than or equal, but not more than the number of levels in the SmartPlant hierarchy.

  • SmartPlant Engineering Manager retrieves from the SmartPlant hierarchy only the hierarchy levels it needs. For example, if your plant hierarchy contains 4 levels and the SmartPlant hierarchy contains 8 levels, only the top 4 levels of the SmartPlant hierarchy are retrieved.

  • All SmartPlant Engineering Manager hierarchy item names (plant group names) below the plant (top level) must match the names in the SmartPlant Foundation plant hierarchy that are at the same level. The names are case-sensitive and therefore the cases must also match. The plant names do not have to match.

  • In addition to requiring a minimum of three-levels in hierarchies, SmartPlant integration also requires that the names of hierarchy items must not be changed after they are created and that the hierarchy structure must not be modified after you create the project. For more information, see the SmartPlant Enterprise Installation and Setup Guide.