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SmartPlant P&ID Installation and Upgrade Guide

Intergraph Smart P&ID
Installation & Upgrade
2015 R1 (7.1)
7.1 (2014 R1)
7.2 (2014 R2)

Changes are often made to the SmartPlant P&ID reference data while work is being managed on the P&IDs. When these changes are made, they apply to all drawings items after the time of change, but do not apply to existing drawing items. The Update Drawings functionality (provided by the set of Out-of-Date Drawings commands in Drawing Manager) allows you to manage which drawings are updated with the latest reference data changes by defining values that define out-of-date drawings criteria and by resolving any symbols that have been deleted, moved, or renamed.

You can also schedule these update operations and create reports. For more information about this functionality, see the Drawing Manager User's Guide.

  • Using the Update Drawings functionality is not required as part of the upgrade process, but it is strongly recommended.

  • After upgrading to the latest version of SmartPlant P&ID, opening Options Manager for the first time updates the RAD version for the ProjectStyles.spp file and as a result, changes the status of the Symbology for the drawings to 'Out-of-Date'. For this reason, after upgrading SmartPlant P&ID, you should open and close Options Manager once before updating your drawings using SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager.

  • After upgrading SmartPlant P&ID from a version earlier than 2014, you should open and close Rule Manager once before updating your drawings using SmartPlant P&ID Drawing Manager. This ensures that the Rules.rul file is updated with the new rules. The following rules were added in SmartPlant P&ID 2014:

    • Connect To Process To Duct Run

    • Duct Run

    • Duct Run Label

    • Duct Run OPC To Duct Run

    • Duct Run To Duct Run

    • Duct Run To Nozzle

    • Ducting Components

    • Ducting Component Label

    • Ducting Comp To Duct Run

    • Ducting Comp To Ducting Comp

    • Ducting Comp To Instrument Inline

    • Ducting Comp To Nozzle

    • Ducting Comp To Signal Pipe Run

    • Instrument Inline To Duct Run

    • Internal Nozzle To Room

    • Nozzle To Room

    • Process Pipe Run to Ducting Comp

    • Room

    • Room Component

    • Room Component Label

    • Room Comp to Room

    • Room Comp to Room Comp

    • Room Label

      If an existing rule has the same name as one of the new rules, a numeric suffix is added to the name of the new rule, for example: 'Duct Run_1'

When you submit a selection of P&IDs to the Out-of-Date Drawings > Update command, Drawing Manager analyzes the drawing for changes to the following:

  • Data Dictionary (select lists)

  • Formats

  • Symbols (moved and missing symbols, and changes to the .sym file)

  • Rules Manager

  • Options Manager (heat tracing, gapping, and symbology)

  • Model Items (via Llama)

  • OPCs (moved)

  • Drawings in a Re-create state

  • Drawing Properties

After this analysis process, a summary displays, listing the number of drawings selected, the number of out-of-date drawings, and the number of drawings with missing symbols. You must manually resolve the missing symbols using the Resolve Missing Symbols dialog box, which lists the symbols in question and allows you to define the new location of each symbol.

In addition to the interactive approach of updating drawings, you can schedule the entire update process, except for the resolution of missing symbols, which is a manual process as described above.

Reporting capability provides a summary of the selected drawings and the out-of-date criteria detected during the analyze step. This report format is non-configurable.