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SmartPlant P&ID Installation and Upgrade Guide

Intergraph Smart P&ID
Installation & Upgrade
2015 R1 (7.1)
7.1 (2014 R1)
7.2 (2014 R2)

Most of the upgrade procedures are performed using the Smart Engineering Manager Upgrade Utility. This section deals with details of the procedures that apply to SmartPlant P&ID only. For full details of the upgrade process, including actions required for SmartPlant P&ID, refer to Upgrading the Database in the Smart Engineering Manager Installation and Upgrade Guide.

When upgrading Smart P&ID to the latest version, you must have a compatible version of your database platform; therefore, if you have an older version of Oracle or SQL Server, you must upgrade it before upgrading Smart P&ID. For Oracle, both the server and the client must be upgraded.

Upgrade Prerequisites

  1. Identify database constraint violations using the Database Constraint Report.exe delivered with the current version of Smart P&ID.

  2. If your site database is out of date, upgrade it using Smart Engineering Manager and then if the application database is out of date, upgrade it using the Smart Engineering Manager Upgrade Utility. If you are using Workshare and have a satellite plant, upgrade that plant too.

  3. Open and then close Smart P&ID Options Manager without running any commands. This action updates the RAD version for the ProjectStyles.spp file and as a result, changes the status of the Symbology for the drawings to 'Out-of-Date'.

  4. Update drawings as needed using Smart P&ID Drawing Manager.