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Installation & Upgrade

You must use Smart API Manager to configure user access to Isogen Web API. Administrators can configure the web service to control access to specific projects for named users or user groups. For example, if you have two subcontractors (A and B) working together, you can set up two separate projects (1 and 2) and allow contractor A to access project 1 only and contractor B to access project 2 only.

Although different methods are available, the recommended approach for a basic installation is to use Integrated Windows authentication. Integrated Windows authentication supports using an existing Active Directory group to define users with access.

Two methods are available for setting up your users with access to Isogen Web API:

  • Establish a link between the Spoolgen Web Api: Administrators group and an existing Active Directory group.

  • Create a new group in Smart API Manager, give the group access to Isogen Web API, and then associate the new group with an Active Directory group.

  • When you register Isogen Web API with Smart API Manager, a group named Spoolgen Web Api: Administrators with administrative access is automatically added.

  • In the current version of Isogen Web API, all identified users have full access to all features.