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Isogen Web API Installation and Configuration

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Installation & Upgrade

Before you begin an installation of Isogen Web API, you must have the required environment ready. Verify the prerequisites listed below before proceeding.

  • Web server - Isogen Web API runs as a web application, so you must have a web server running and configured. The web server is where you install Isogen Web API. This server should have the following:

    • PDF reader - needed to review and accept the software license agreement and view printable guides

    • Operating system - Windows Server 2016 or Windows 10

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or later) - setup prompts you to install if needed

    • Internet Information Services 10.0 (or later) - configured for API use

    • SSL certificate - the web server must have an SSL certificate installed

  • Database server - Isogen Web API relies on a relational database backend, so you must have access to a database with one of the supported database providers:

    • Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (or later)

    • Microsoft SQL Server Express

    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 (or later)

    • If you have an existing SQL Server installation, you can use it for Isogen Web API.

    • If you are installing a new SQL Server instance, we recommend using Windows authentication to control database access.

    • The connection information for the SQL Service instance (for example, "server\sqlexpress") is required when configuring Isogen Web API.

    • When configuring Isogen Web API, you must use an account with database administration rights on the SQL Server instance in order to create databases and tables.