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Installation & Upgrade
  1. Navigate to the Intergraph Smart API Manager Dashboard Manager website, and sign in using an administrator account.

  2. On the left panel, click Groups .

  3. Click New Group to open the Register a Group dialog.

  4. Click Name, and then type the name of the group. For example, to create a group specific to Spoolgen, type Spoolgen User.

  5. On the group details page, click the Enable Group checkbox to change the status to Enabled .

  6. In the Smart API Access section, click , and then click Add API Smart Access to open the Add Smart API Access dialog.

  7. Select Isogen Smart API in the Select a Smart API list.

  8. Click NEXT, and define a role for the group (Read/Write/Administrator).

  9. In the External Identities section, click , and then click Add external identity.

  10. In the Add External Identity dialog box, select Integrated Windows Authentication in the Identity Provider list.

  11. Click Name, and enter the information for the identity to add to the group.

  12. Click NEXT, and then click FINISH.