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Isogen Web API is part of the suite of RESTful web APIs developed by Hexagon. The Isogen Web API provides access to piping data associated with software applications like Smart Isometrics or Intergraph Spoolgen.

Components of Isogen Web API

Isogen Web API consists of three main components:

  • Smart API Manager, which manages the authentication of users and provides access to the API.

    If multiple Smart APIs are in use, only one instance of Smart API Manager is needed for all of them.

  • The SQL Server database in which Isogen data is stored.

  • Isogen Web API, which wraps the SQL Server database.

These three components are independent of one another. You can install each component on a different server or all on the same server. Setting up all components on a laptop is also acceptable.

The client software that uses Isogen Web API, such as Spoolgen or Smart Isometrics, is typically installed on a client workstation. However, you can also install the client software on the same computer as the server components. I-Configure, which you use to set up projects and styles, can also be installed on the same computer as the client software, or you can install it on a file server when shared between multiple clients.