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Reference Data
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The AllCommon.xls workbook contains data that applies to several of the design disciplines in the software.

Plain Piping Generic Data

Contains data for plain piping ends. For more information, see Plain Piping Generic Data Sheet.

DIN Wall Thickness Data

Contains generic wall thickness data. For more information, see DIN Wall Thickness Data Sheet.

Piping Generic Data Bolted

Contains generic data for bolted ends. For more information, see Piping Generic Data Bolted Sheet.

Piping Generic Data Female

Contains generic data for female ends. For more information, see Piping Generic Data Female Sheet.

Piping Generic Data Mechanical

Contains generic data for mechanical ends. For more information, see Piping Generic Data Mechanical Sheet.


Defines material grades and material grade properties. For more information, see Material Sheet.

Outfitting Cross Sections

Defines cross sections for outfitting disciplines, such as Cableway and HVAC. For more information, see Outfitting Cross Sections Sheet.


Defines units and unit types for customized user attributes on the Custom Interfaces sheet in the other workbooks. For more information, see UOM Sheet.