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The Reports.xls workbook defines standard drawing reports and labels used by Materials Handling. The workbook is delivered to the [Product Folder]\MaterialsHandling\CatalogData\BulkLoad\AMD folder, and is bulkloaded into the catalog.

Other reports are also bulkloaded separately into the catalog. For more information, see "Reports Reference Data" in the Drawings and Reports Reference Data Guide.

Report Sheet

Name (Column B)

Specifies the report or label template name. This name appears in the XML for the template. This name must match the name specified on the R-Hierarchy sheet.

Type (Column C)

Specifies the type of template. The types include label templates, query templates, query parameters templates, report templates, and formatting templates.

Description (Column D)

Provides some descriptive text about the template.

Filename (Column E)

Shows the path to the template.

The Name column (Column B) includes the hierarchy folders shown in the Catalog task. You add new report or label templates based on where you want them to be stored within the hierarchy. To help make the hierarchy easier to read, the Report section of the sheet has a yellow background, while the Label Template section has a green background.