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When you create a Material Handling catalog using an empty catalog template (Apprepos.dat or Apprepos.dmp), the software uses marine naming conventions for plate types (for example, Deck, Hull, Longitudinal, and Transverse). You must run scripts on the catalog database schema to change the naming conventions to suit the Material Handling environment. These scripts modify the plate types using the marine naming convention to Horizontal, Planar, SideVertical, and Vertical. These scripts run automatically when you create the catalog database using delivered database templates.

If you use an empty catalog template, you must run the database scripts described below on the catalog database schema.

Scripts for a SQL database


Updates the plate type from Deck to Horizontal.


Updates the plate type from Hull to Planar.


Updates the plate type from Longitudinal to SideVertical.


Updates the plate type from Transverse to Vertical.

Script for an ORACLE database


Updates the plate types from Deck, Hull, Longitudinal, and Transverse to Horizontal, Planar, SideVertical, and Vertical.