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HxGN EAM Databridge Configuration for IMS via API Gateway Switch

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Identify the EAM IMS connection point that is being used (either infor.eam.eam or infor.eam.eam:databridgeims). On ION Desk, Connect | Connection Points, click ‘Usage’ of that connection point and you will see all the data flows referencing that connection point. Make a note of these data flows.




Open each of the data flow that reference the EAM IMS connection point and duplicate the data flow by clicking Duplicate button shown in below screen shot, and give a name that can be easy to identify as a duplicate. For example, if the original data flow name is EAM_IDM_Integration, give the name New_EAM_IDM_Integration to the duplicated data flow. Configure the duplicated data flow by following the below steps. All the duplicated data flows that are referencing EAM IMS connection point should be switched to EAM “IMS via API Gateway” connection point,

For example, in the above Usage screenshot there are 5 flows with references for the EAM IMS connection point, so all of these 5 flows have to be duplicated and the EAM IMS connection point has to be switched to the new “IMS via API Gateway” connection point.


Open the duplicated flow and identify where the EAM IMS connection point is in the data flow. Select the EAM IMS connection point in the lower pane of the screen and click ‘Remove’.


Then click ‘Add’ or ‘+’, and select the new IMS Via API Gateway connection point in the lower pane of the screen. Save the duplicated data flow.


Since the Documents tab of the new IMS Via API Gateway connection point is not configured during preparation, you will get warning messages like below when saving duplicated data flows, which is ok for the preparation stage, and these warning messages will be gone at transition when the Documents tab refreshes and loads from the EAM Configuration. You have the option to manually add the referenced documents to the Documents tab to avoid the warning messages.


The duplicated data flow may contain other connection points also as part of the flow, change the EAM IMS connection point only to the new IMS Via API Gateway connection point, and do not alter other connection points in the duplicated data flows.

Do not activate the duplicated data flows at this time when doing preparation for transition. At the transition time, the original data flows will be deactivated and then these duplicated data flows will be activated (See Transition section for details).