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HxGN EAM Databridge Configuration for IMS via API Gateway Switch

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Go to the EAM Databridge Partners screen, locate the INFOR-IMS partner and go to the record view tab, in the Databridge login section, input the IMS access key in the User ID field and input the IMS secret key in the Password field and then save the partner record. These values will be populated into the R5MGPROVISIONINGCONFIG table in the EAM database which are used for validation with incoming IMS requests to EAM.


The IMS access key and secret key you defined here are used when you configure the ION API gateway in Appendix A: API Gateway Configuration.

Adding the IMS access key and secret key in the Databridge login section (for IMS via API Gateway connection point) for the INFOR-IMS partner will not disrupt the EAM/ION integration with the direct IMS connection point that is still running.