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HxGN EAM Databridge Configuration for IMS via API Gateway Switch

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As EAM is now a product of Hexagon, EAM tenants are gradually moving from the Infor cloud to the Hexagon cloud. While in the Hexagon cloud outside of the Infor cloud, EAM tenants may soon lose access to the Infor ION IMS end point inside the Infor cloud that is currently still exposed and may soon be restricted in its access inside the Infor cloud only. So, EAM as an external app outside the Infor cloud will need to access the ION IMS end point inside the Infor cloud via an API gateway called “IMS via API Gateway” Connector, which is a standard way provided by Infor for external apps to deal with this kind of scenario as shown in this diagram.


For EAM in the Hexagon cloud to integrate with other Infor products via Infor ION inside the Infor cloud, customers must switch from their IMS Connector based data flows (involving either ‘eam.databridgeims’ IMS connection point or ‘eam’ IMS connection point) to “IMS via API Gateway” Connector based data flows.


There are two phases for this transition or switch:

  • Preparation before the transition: While EAM is still using the IMS end point/data flow to integrate with ION in run time, you will need to follow the guidelines to do all the necessary preliminary preparation work for the transition. This preparation work should not interrupt the production environment running on IMS based flows.

  • Transition: This is the time when you will switch from the direct IMS approach to the IMS via ION API approach. You will need to follow the guidelines to switch from direct IMS based flows to “IMS via ION API Gateway” based flows.

If all the preliminary preparation is done correctly, the actual downtime for the transition is very minimal, say a few minutes, that is, the time between deactivation of the IMS based flow and activating the “IMS via API Gateway” based flow. So, before the transition or switch, ensure all the preparation work is done and done correctly.