Appendix G - Rollback to IMS Connection Point - HxGN EAM - 12.0.1 - Feature Briefs - Hexagon

HxGN EAM Databridge Configuration for IMS via API Gateway Switch

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If there are issues encountered during or after transition and you cannot resolve them in time, you can roll back to the original IMS configuration with the below steps.

  1. In ION Desk | Connect | Data Flows, deactivate the duplicated data flows that were activated in Step 5 during the transition if your transition has progressed that far.

  2. On the EAM Databridge Partners screen, locate the INFOR-IMS partner and go to the Record View, change the Partner ID back to what it was before the transition, and change the Address under the Response Details section to INFOREAMIMS and then save the record.

    Partner ID: eam or eam:databridgeims

    Address: INFOREAMIMS


  3. In ION Desk | Connect | Data Flows, identify and activate the original dataflows that were used/active before the transition, and were deactivated during the transition. You should have taken notes for these data flows during the transition.

  4. Go to the EAM Administration | Security | Install Parameters screen, locate and delete the install parameter @JOBCONV if this install parameter still exists in EAM.

  5. Check and verify that both inbound and outbound BOD traffics are working with the original IMS configuration.

You may need to contact Infor ION support for ION or API Gateway related issues you encounter if you cannot resolve them on your own.