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HxGN EAM Databridge Configuration for IMS via API Gateway Switch

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It is recommended to perform the transition on a non-business day(holiday/weekend) when the business impact is minimal. Before starting the transition, ensure all the steps mentioned in the Preparation before the transition section are successfully executed.

For the transition, follow the steps below in sequence.

Step 1: Go to EAM Administration > Security > Install Parameters screen, add/set below install parameter:

Field name

Field value

Install Parameter



Is Databridge IMS via API Gateway in progress? Y or N



Step 2: Deactivate all ION Data flows referencing the EAM IMS connection point being used and make a note of which data flows were active and are now deactivated.



Step 3: Modify the INFOR-EAM partner in EAM by following the steps in Appendix F - EAM Configurations.

Step 4: On ION Desk | Connection Points, locate the new EAM “IMS via API Gateway” connection point, go to the Connection tab and click the ‘Test’ button to ensure you get a “Test succeeded” test result.


Then go to the Documents tab and click the Refresh button. The Documents tab will be updated with the partner subscriptions/inbound documents for the INFOR-IMS partner in EAM.



If you are not able to refresh the Document tab and get the error below, you will need to check the INFOR-IMS partner configuration done in Step 3 above, and also test the connection by clicking the ‘Test Connection’ button under the Connection tab on the new IMS via API Gateway connection point to ensure the EAM IMS URL and EAM oauth1.0 credentials are correctly configured for the API Gateway.


Step 5: Go to ION Desk | Connect | Data Flows, based on your previously active data flows that were deactivated in Step 2 (You have already made a note in Step 2), identify their corresponding duplicated data flows and activate these duplicated data flows one after another to ensure they are successfully activated.

Step 6: Go to EAM Administration | Security | Install Parameters screen, locate and delete install parameter @JOBCONV that was created in Step 1.

Now the transition is complete. Verification that both EAM inbound and outbound BOD traffics work should be performed.

If there are issues encountered during or after the transition and you cannot resolve them in time, you can roll back to the original IMS configuration by following the steps defined in Appendix G - Rollback to IMS Connection Point. After the issues are resolved, you can retry the transition later.