Appendix A - API Gateway Configuration - HxGN EAM - 12.0.1 - Feature Briefs - Hexagon

HxGN EAM Databridge Configuration for IMS via API Gateway Switch

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The prerequisite for defining the “IMS via API Gateway” connector is to add and define the Non-Infor API Suite in Cloud Multi-Tenant environment,

To add and define the Non-Infor Gateway suite, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to API Gateway in the Infor OS menu.


  2. Click Add for a new Non-Infor suite.


  3. Click "Create New" to define a Non-Infor Api suite with below details.


  4. Add a target endpoint and then populate the EAM target endpoint with the below details,

    • EAM target Endpoint URL: https://<eam host>:<port>/axis/imsservice. See Appendix B: How to find EAM IMS end point URL

    • Proxy Context: eamims

    • Proxy Security: OAuth 2.0

    • Target Endpoint Security: OAuth 1.0a

    • Algorithm: HMAC-SHA256

    • Target Endpoint Access Key: tenant-specific databridge IMS access key you will define in EAM in Appendix E: Tenant Specific EAM Security, EAM Inbound Oauth1 Security Configuration section

    • Target Endpoint Secret Key: tenant-specific databridge IMS secret key you will define in EAM in Appendix E: Tenant Specific EAM Security, EAM Inbound Oauth1 Security Configuration section

      You will need to determine the EAM IMS access/secret key values now to finish the above steps although EAM IMS access/secret keys are not yet configured in EAM at this point. EAM IMS access/secret key configuration is done in Appendix E: Tenant Specific EAM Security.


  5. Add the attached (EAMIMS.json) documentation to the API Suite so the services defined in the IMS endpoint are available for the ‘IMS via ION API’ Connector. The user will need to edit the file to provide the tenant information in the documentation json before importing it into API Gateway as shown below.


    SHARED Tip The EAMIMS.json document is attached to this PDF in the Attachments pane. To access this file, browse to the left-hand menu for this page, and then click 1 attachment. The attachments view opens with the selected document available for downloading.

  6. The Edited swagger documentation should be imported into the API endpoint by clicking on the "+" in the documentation section as shown below.


  7. Provide the Name and Type as shown below and then browse to the edited EAMIMS.json file and click SAVE.


  8. After importing the json file, the user should see the below swagger documentation with ping, protocol, and v2/message operations as shown below,


  9. Once the Non-Infor API suite with documentation is successfully created, verify it is active. This will complete the API Gateway configuration.