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The Advanced Maintenance Planning Configuration screen is intended to provide flexibility to the Maintenance Administrator in defining WO Types which cannot be used to generate production requests. In addition, the system can be configured to automatically generate a production request from a work order based on pre-defined status change triggers.

  • It does not matter which generation method (automatic, manual, or batch) is used to create production requests the system will prevent the creation of production requests using these types of work orders.

  • It does not matter how, or on which screen the work order status is changed. If a status change trigger exists which should create a production request, then the system will create the request.

  • WO Type is an attribute on the status change trigger tab. Automatic generation of production requests will only occur for the status change and the WO type specified.

  • To simplify configuration, a value of All Statuses can be selected for Old WO Status or New WO Status while All Types may be selected for WO Type.

  • The Generate Production Request Status can be used to define the status of the automatically generated production request. The status must be related to a system status of unfinished or approved.

  • There should only be a single status change trigger record per WO type. For example, you do not want to create a scenario where the system attempts to create a production request at multiple points in a work order’s life cycle.