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The Maintenance Administrator and Maintenance Planner must perform several tasks within EAM prior to beginning Advanced Maintenance Planning activities. This includes creating equipment, assigning resources to equipment, assigning resources to PM schedules, assigning resources to work orders, and creating production requests.

Production requests are created within the EAM, from work orders, to represent a production order to the ERP. A production order is a request for ERP resource time whether it is to produce actual finished goods or to perform equipment maintenance. Production Planners will use EAM’s production requests (maintenance tasks) along with other resource requests (finished goods orders).

The Maintenance Planner will perform the following steps prior to successfully creating a Production Request. These steps help to ensure that the ERP planner is aware of all resource downtime regardless of whether the downtime is due to planned (preventive maintenance) or unplanned (breakdown) work.

  • Equipment (Assets) records are created and maintained for work order and equipment history purposes. See Equipment (assets) for details.

  • Resources for Equipment will be used to define ERP resources impacted when breakdown (non-planned) maintenance work is performed on EAM equipment. The Maintenance Planner associates the typical warm-up and cool-down time for the resource that can be expected each time the equipment is taken out of service for maintenance purposes. These times, in addition to the actual maintenance down-time, provide a more accurate view of the total ERP resource impact when maintenance work is necessary. This mapping is defined by the Maintenance Planner and is copied to equipment work orders. Resource down-time is detailed later in this document. Down-time to perform the job task is not defined on the equipment but is defined at the work order level since down-time is related to the type of work performed. See Resources for equipment for details.

  • Resources for PM Schedule will be used to define the resources that are impacted when preventive (planned) maintenance work order is performed on EAM equipment. Resources are associated to PM schedules. This information is initially populated based on the resources associated to PM equipment; however, mapping details can be changed, if necessary, for the PM schedule. As with the association of resources to equipment, warm-up and cool-down times can be defined for the PM as well. In addition, anticipated resource down-time can be entered for the equipment PM since the type of work to be performed is known in case of PMs. As PM work orders are generated for the equipment the system copies the PM schedule resource information to the work order. See Preventive maintenance schedule for details.

  • Resources for Work Order will be used to define the resources that are impacted by each work order. This information is initially populated from the equipment for breakdown work and from the PM schedule for preventive work. Any production requests generated from work orders will have these resources copied to the request for transmission to the ERP. See Resources for work order for details.

  • Configuration Screen is used to define work order types for which production requests should not be created. In addition, the administrator can define work order status changes for which production requests are automatically created by the system. This is an Advanced Maintenance Planning setup task typically completed by Maintenance Administrator. See Advanced Maintenance Planning Configuration screen for details.