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The Maintenance Planner uses the Resources for Work Order screen to create and edit resource information which will be impacted by the work represented on the work order. For preventive work order 10010 below, resources L1R and L1J were automatically populated because these resources were associated to PM schedule CS-MO-001 and equipment SX135321 (see the image below). Resources related to PM work orders cannot be updated by the Maintenance Planner on the work order itself. Any necessary changes must be handled on the PM schedule. Conversely, resources for unplanned work orders can be updated on the work order to reflect the specific demands of the work.

Each production request generated from a work order will include impacted resources and the anticipated total downtime (cool-down time, downtime, and warm-up time) for the Production Planner’s consideration.

The same capabilities on the resources for PM schedules screen exist on the resources for work order screen. This includes the Refresh Resources link which can be used to repopulate resources that are currently related to the work order equipment. This is a convenient way of obtaining the latest equipment resource information if one is aware that it has been updated since the equipment was related to the work order.

As mentioned earlier, ERP resources can be impacted by non-PM (breakdown) work orders. Figure 17 shows WO 10013 for equipment 99038746880. The decking station has unexpectedly overheated and needs repair. The system copies resource L1L2B to the work order from the equipment when the work order is created.

The Maintenance Planner will generate a production request for this work order in the same way a request is created for PM tasks which impact ERP resources.