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Once the ERP has created a production order and responded with an agreed upon scheduled date range the Maintenance Planner can then begin the process of planning the details of the work orders including scheduling labor (see the image below), parts, and tools for the related tasks. For now, planning can be based on work order requested start and end date range.

The system will warn the Maintenance Planner if they create a planning record outside the requested start and end date range and if there is a production request but no production order for the work order. If planning takes place following the assignment of a production order by the ERP, then the planning date is compared with the production order start and end date range.

There is a subtle difference between the production request start/end date and the production order start/end date. The production order start/end date contains a time component while the production request start/end date does not. Therefore, when the system compares a planning record date with the production order start/end date the time component for both the planning record and the production order dates will be used as well.

If the system allows the work to be planned outside the date range sent to the ERP via the related production request, then the ERP will not know as to when the resources will be required.

Upon completion of the work order (see the image below) within EAM the system will close the associated production request because it is no longer necessary for the ERP to consider its resource impact.

The integration will send a request to the ERP to close the production order so that planning may continue for the relevant resources.