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Using SOAP processor, you can read and write data and perform mapping and assignments.

It has the following parameters:

  1. In the Basic section, you can define the service, SOAP operation, and the response.

    • Name – Specifies a name.

    • Connector – Defines the type of service to use

    • Operation Name – Defines the SOAP operation

  2. In the Advanced section, you can define the following

    • Connection Time out – Overrides the default for the agent

    • Response Root Path – Informs Connect from where to start reading the data from the Response.

You can set the values to perform assignment and mapping.

  • For assigning, type in the values you want to send.

  • For mapping, drag and drop the fields from the left-hand side to the right-hand side.

    When you drag a field for mapping, the Step Input fields that match the data type of the field selected is highlighted at possible places to drop the field. To override the data type matching, hold the CTRL key down and click on the field in the Previous Step Output. This allows the mapping of a field to another field of any data type. If the data types are not compatible, run time errors can occur.

For the mapped columns, the transformations can be performed in the Grid view. To see the Grid view, click .

Currently supported are data types:

  • Prefix – A string added to the beginning of the value

  • Suffix – A string added to the end of the value

  • Date Format – A formatter for date fields. Example, yyyy–MM–dd