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In the Repositories screen, you can register the services you want to use in Connect. You can edit or add a new repository for your APIs.

To add a new repository,

  1. Click Repositories icon.

  2. Click thesymbol to add new repository.

  3. Enter the repository Name, Description, Type, and URL. The Authenticator and Agent fields are the optional fields for SOAP type

    The URL refers to the WSDL URL for the SOAP Service.

    In Connect 2.0, a new Repository Type, SQL is added. It supports both Oracle and SQL server.

    While creating this repository, you must use:

    • The Agent and Authenticator fields

    • JDBC URL which is used to access the databases from Tomcat server.

      For example:

      1. Oracle - jdbc:oracle:thin:@<hostname>:<port>/<SID>

      2. SQL Server - dbc:sqlserver://<hostname>:<port>;database=<DB Name>

  4. Click SAVE. The repository is displayed in the Repositories list.

  5. To delete the repository, select the repository and click symbol.

  • If you modify an EcoSys API (spreadsheet), Connect does not automatically reflect the change. You must refresh the repository to view the change.

    To refresh the repository, click the Repository and then click SAVE without making any changes.

  • Connect also caches the repository, if dispatcher.mode.production and agent.mode.production are set to true (default).

    • When developing new jobs, these settings can be set to False so that when you refresh, the Repository is reflected in the UI.

    • You must also restart the dispatcher and agents to reflect the changes if the settings above are set to True.

    • The above settings should be set to True in production for best performance.

  • To create a Repository, it takes few seconds (20 to 30 seconds and minutes depending on the size of the WSDL.

  • You cannot define the same WSDL with the same system URL twice, but you can define the same WSDL with different System URLs. The system URL is the HOST:PORT which is part of the URL .

  • Repositories are unique by Name.