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After creating a job, the second step is to create steps using the Connect components. In the Steps tab, you can read, write, and process data using various components.

Processors execution consists of two core components

  • Entity – Entity is a flat key/value pair set. All readers, processors, writers communicate with each other using entities so that it can convert external data to or from entity model.

  • Entity Metadata – Entity metadata is flat key/value pair set describing each entity attribute (name and attribute). The main purpose of entity metadata is to validate whether the entity has required attribute and its datatype.

The Steps tab consists of the following components:

  • Reader

  • Processor

  • Writer

When adding a Reader, Processor, or Writer to the processor stream, only one component is allowed per section at the root level. If you want to add multiple processors, use the compound processor which allows for the nesting of processors.