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SQL Reader is used to read the data from SQL database.

It has the following parameters:

  1. In the Basic section, you can define the following options.

    • Name - Specify a name for the reader

    • Connector - Specifies the name of connector

    • Query - Type a valid SQL query. SQL Reader supports Select query. The parameters used in Select query must be table named or aliased so Connect can determine the fields returned in the data set. You can enter the Query in two ways:

      • Type the Query: In the Query field, type the select query. The box under the Query field provides hints or suggests SQL syntax, available columns and table names, Connect $-functions as you type. To select a word from the box, press the tab key.

      • Paste the Query: Paste the query in the Query field box

  2. Once you enter the query, the fields will be displayed in the Column list.

    For example, select the Connector as Oracle DB, and type the following query in the query box.

    The table will be updated with fields in the Column section.

    If the Connect SQL parser fails to determine any of the fields in the Select query, a message appears above the column table "A repository field for Column xxx could not be located in the supplied table xxx, please add a schema field manually"

  3. Click the button to edit the field. Select the Type, go back to the Query box and enter the alias and then click OK.

  4. The SQL fields appear in the next steps of the pipe line for use as ‘Previous Step Output’, context variables and so on.