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In this screen, you can provide authentication for each type of API by providing credentials, username token, and message level security details. Authenticators defines a set of credentials that are associated with a type of service. EcoSys Connect supports EcoSys and SOAP service and SQL.

To create a new Authenticator,

  1. Click the Authenticators icon.

  2. Click the symbol at the top right corner to add new authenticator.

  3. In the General section, enter the authenticator Name and Description.

  4. Select the authenticator Type,

    • If you select the type as EcoSys, enter the username and password under Credentials section and click SAVE.

    • If you select the authenticator type as SOAP, enter the following details:

      • Username Token – Select Randomize or TimeStamp checkbox.

        Selecting Randomize makes your request unique and ensure that old communications cannot be reused.

      • Message Level Security – Select the Timestamp checkbox.

        Message–level security specifies whether the SOAP API between a client application and the web service invoked by the client should be digitally signed or encrypted.

  5. Click SAVE. The authenticator appears in the Authenticators list.

  6. To delete the authenticator, select the authenticator and click symbol.

    Authenticators are unique by Type and Name.