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Datastore Reader is used to read the data from mongoDB.

It has the following parameters.

  1. In the Basic section, you can define the following options.

    • Name – Specify a name for the reader

    • Collection Name – Specifies the name of the table from which the data is read.

  2. In the Advanced section, you can define the following options:

    • Do Not Delete Collection: Select this option, if you do not want the collection to be deleted.

    • Sort Order - Allows you to sort data by defined attributes.

      Format: <key> asc|desc, <key> asc|desc

      For example,

      test1 asc

      test1 asc, test2 desc

    • Ignore Non-existent Collection - If you check this option and the Datastore cannot be found, an empty row will be read into the pipeline and the job will continue to run. If this option is unchecked, and the Datastore cannot be found, the reader fails and puts the job into a failed state.

  3. Click Save.

    You must save the changes after adding a DataStore Reader to read the schema and provide the proper fields in the subsequent processors.