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Using SQL processor, you can read from SQL database and write to SQL database using mapping, transforming, and assignments.

It has the following parameters.

  1. In the Basic section, you can define the following:

    • Name – Specifies a name.

    • Connector – Defines the type of Connector

    • Query – Type a valid SQL query. SQL Processor supports select, insert, update, and delete queries

      The Writing Operation? check box will be enabled automatically under the Advanced section.

    • The Writing Operation? option must be unchecked for select queries and checked for insert, update, and delete queries. Connect will parse the query and automatically configure the check box.

    • SQL processor that insert/update/Delete are terminal processors as they do not return any data, so there is no entity set to pass to the next processor in the pipeline.

      For example, in the case below, since the SQL process is an insert/update/delete, the Soap Processor will never get executed.