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Installation & Upgrade

  • Close all other software before running the CAESAR II installer. Most unsuccessful installations are caused by other software running at the same time as the installer.

  • The installation DVD is not readable in a CD drive.

  1. Insert the CAESAR II DVD. If the DVD does not start automatically, double-click CD_Main.html in the root folder of the DVD.

    The CAESAR II setup page opens in your default internet browser.

  2. Click Install CAESAR II.

  3. Click Yes on the User Account Control dialog box.

    The CAESAR II splash screen and then the Welcome page display.

  4. Click Next and follow the instructions on the InstallShield Wizard pages.

    As the installation progresses, the status displays in a series of progress bars. The CAESAR II Configuration Editor dialog box then displays.

  5. Review the configuration options and make any needed changes.

  6. Click Save and Exit to close the CAESAR II Configuration Editor and continue with the installation.

    For more information on the configuration options, see Configuration and Environment in the CAESAR II User's Guide.

  7. On the InstallShield Wizard Completed page, click Show the readme file to view information about this version.

  8. Click Finish to exit the installer.

  9. Double-click the CAESAR II desktop icon or locate and click the version in the Windows Start menu to open the software.