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Installation & Upgrade

Prior to installing CAESAR II, verify that your computer meets the required hardware and software requirements. For more information, see Software and Hardware Requirements.

Inserting the CAESAR II installation DVD automatically opens a web page containing the following options:


Launches the CAESAR II installation process.

CAESAR II Information

Opens the CAESAR II Product Details page on the Hexagon PPM CAS web site.

ReadMe File

Describes the changes made to this new version of CAESAR II, training information, and customer support information.

License Agreement

Opens the CAESAR II License Agreement.

Installation Instructions

Opens the CAESAR II Quick Reference Guide containing these instructions. This guide can be opened directly from the DVD without installing the software.

DVD Content

In addition, the DVD contains the following items:

Additional Installs

Displays options for installing the Autodesk TrueView application.

Browse the DVD

Displays the DVD contents in Windows Explorer.

Additional Products

Displays additional Hexagon PPM CAS products.

Contact Hexagon

Displays contact information for Hexagon PPM CAS Support.

Services & Support


Opens the CAESAR II Training page on the Hexagon PPM CAS web site.

Smart Support

Opens the Smart Support web site.

Network Installations

The installation software treats a network drive like a local hard drive. Specify the target installation drive and folder to install the software.

Some networks protect installation directories from subsequent modification by users. This involves setting the access rights to the installation folder to read, share, and scan. Because Hexagon PPM CAS software uses data files specific to the installation (such as accounting files and material files) that you may need to modify, these files cannot be installed in a typical write-protected installation folder.

Therefore, CAESAR II installs these data files in a System subfolder, located in the following location of your root folder based on your platform.

\Program Data\Intergraph CAS\CAESAR II\Version Number\System

  • While you can revise the name of the software's installation folder when you install the software, the CAESAR II SYSTEM subfolder name is fixed because it is automatically created by the software. If you rename the CAESAR II SYSTEM subfolder, the software does not run and generates an error report.

  • The CAESAR II SYSTEM subfolder is not the primary, top-level SYSTEM folder that contains the network operating system. Consult your system administrator for further clarification.

After the software has been installed on the network drive, the installation software launches the CAESAR II Configuration Editor, which generates a default configuration file.