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CADWorx Plant is AutoCAD-based plant design/drafting software with a bi-directional data transfer link to CAESAR II. CADWorx allows models to be created in orthographic, isometric, 2D, or 3D modes. CADWorx template specifications contain built-in auto routing, auto iso, stress iso, auto dimensioning, complete libraries, center of gravity calculations, and bill of materials.

PV Elite is comprehensive software for the design or analysis of vertical and horizontal vessels. Pressure vessel codes include ASME VIII-1 and VIII-2, PD: 5500, and EN-13445. PVElite includes CodeCalc. CodeCalc is software for the design or analysis of pressure vessel components. CodeCalc capabilities include: analysis of tubesheets, rectangular vessels, flanges, nozzles; Zick Analysis; and standard internal/external thickness and pressure calculations on heads, shells, and cones. API 579 calculations are also included.

PV Fabricator automates the production of pressure vessel fabrication deliverables. When linked to PV Elite, PV Fabricator improves the workflow and reduces errors.

TANK idesigns or rerates API-650/653 storage tanks. The software includes API 650 Appendices A, E, F, M, P, R, S, and V, and API 653 Appendix B. Calculations address winds girders, conical roof design, allowed fluid heights, and remaining corrosion allowance.