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The CAESAR II® Quick Reference Guide helps you quickly identify needed information, answer common questions, and resolve common problems. You can copy it as needed.

CAESAR II is an advanced tool for designing and analyzing piping systems using input forms, on-line help, graphics, and extensive error detection.

CAESAR II statically and dynamically analyzes large piping models, structural steel models, or combined models. ASME, B31, WRC, and rotating equipment reports are created to provide a complete description of piping system behavior under applied loading conditions. Additional capabilities, such as out-of-core solvers, force spectrum analysis (for water hammer and relief valve solutions), time history, and large rotation rod hangers provide you with the most advanced computer-based piping software available today.

CAESAR II is continuously enhanced to add new functionality and to modify existing procedures as piping codes are updated. For more information on the most recent changes to CAESAR II, see What's New in CAESAR II.

VIDEO: An Overview of CAESAR II