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When the analysis is finished, you can review the results using the Static Output Processor window.

  1. On the main CAESAR II window, select Output > Static.

    The Static Output Processor window displays.

  2. In the Load Case Analyzed list, select one or more load cases for which to review results.

  3. In the Standard Reports list, select one or more reports to review.

  4. Click --> Add.

  5. Select where you want to view the results: the screen, Microsoft Word or Excel, the printer, or an ASCII file.

  6. Click Finish to view the reports.

  7. Click Options > Graphical Output to review the analytic results in graphics mode, which can produce displaced shapes, stress distributions, and restraint actions.

The actual study of the results depends on the purpose of each load case and the reason for the analysis. Usually the review checks that the system stresses are below their allowables, restraint loads are acceptable, and displacements are not excessive. Additional post processing (such as equipment, nozzle, and structural steel checks) might be required depending on the model and type of analysis.

After you finish reviewing the output, return to the main window by exiting the output review module.