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Password changes are required for local accounts only; not for SSO access.

Use this task to periodically change your local password for security purposes. Your administrator configures the password reset schedule. You will be prompted to change your local password if it is not regularly changed.

About this task

You are automatically prompted to change your password the first time you log in and on a regular pre-configured amount of time.

SHARED Tip For security purposes, you will be prompted to change your password based on the schedule set by your administrator, which is typically every three months. However, you may change your password at any time.


  1. On the upper-right corner of any AcceleratorKMS page, click Welcome > Manage account.

  2. Select the Change Password check box.

  3. Type Current password.

  4. Type  New password.

    By default, passwords must be at least eight characters long and must contain three of the four following elements:

    • One or more English uppercase letters (A-Z)

    • One or more English lowercase letters (a-z)

    • One or more numerals (0-9)

    • One or more special characters, for example, !, $, #, %

    SHARED Tip The new password must be different from the last eight passwords you used for AcceleratorKMS.

  5. Re-enter your new password in the Confirm field.

  6. Click Save.


Your password is changed.