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Effective content is clear, useful, consistent, and intuitive. AcceleratorKMS allows you to develop and deliver effective digital content that optimizes user experience. Below are some best practices that content strategists, writers and solution engineers can follow when designing and developing procedural content.

  • Define one action per step

    • When a step requires more than one action to be completed, split it into multiple steps unless the actions are done simultaneously. If they are done simultaneously, keep the actions in the same statement. For example

      • PLACE x in AUTOMATIC AND SET to 80. 

  • Define one task per procedure

    • When a procedure contains multiple independent tasks, break the procedure into individual tasks. For example

      • Pump startup

      • Pump shutdown

    • When a procedure contains multiple dependent tasks, break the procedure into individual tasks and stitch the tasks together using a flow. For example, the flow for a System startup may contain the following individual tasks:

      • Cooling fan startup

      • Pump startup

      • Heater startup