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Every user is provided with a user account to log in to AcceleratorKMS. Your user account contains the domain(s) and role(s) you have been assigned. When content (document or flow) is created, it is assigned to a single domain and one or more roles. Therefore, the domains and roles you have been assigned determine:

  • Content and tasks you can access

  • What you see in your search results and dashboard reporting

  • What authorization you have for completing and using content

Impact of roles

In addition to user's role and domain assignments that are applied to content documents and flows, roles also impact access to Reports, Workflows, Dashboard, and Content Completions. Associated roles provide access to content and also impacts Reports and Workflows.

For example, the Access field within content defines which role(s) have access to that content.

  • Reports - Reports are generated based on your role and domain access to content.

  • Workflows - Task definitions use roles to define the users to be included in the pool of resources when tasks are assigned within Workflows.

  • Dashboard - Widgets appear on your dashboard when the Administrator defines those widgets to include your role. The reported content in the widgets is based on your access or associated access to the content.

  • Content Completions - A role is defined within a completable step, which then determines who can perform the completion for that content.