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AcceleratorKMS Fundamentals

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Use the AcceleratorKMS menu to access the following:


  • All content - Search for content (returns results sorted by content type), narrow results using filters and domains, and export results to Microsoft Excel®.

  • Assets - Search for assets, narrow results using filters, and export results to Excel® 

  • Statements - Search for statements, narrow results using filters, create new and edit existing statements, and export to Excel® 

  • Completions - View your list of active and queued completions or the completion history report, and export to Excel®

  • Tasks - View assigned tasks, view task reports to see task details, manage tasks in the system, and export to Excel®

  • Data keys - Search for data collection keys, view definition, and usage, edit key definitions


  • Content - Request new content if specific content does not exist


  • Index - Use the index and its filters to find content by domain

  • My completions - View and manage your active completions

  • My tasks - View and manage tasks assigned to you


  • Asset types - Maintain asset types and asset profiles to ensure accuracy when used to generate a document

  • Templates - Manage and create document templates

  • Create - Create assets, documents, flows, and other pre-defined content type