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Use the compare feature to see what has changed from one version to the next.

About this task

The compare feature highlights changes from one version of a document to another. The changes are highlighted as follows:

  • Green indicates content that was added

  • Red indicates content that was removed

Before you begin

You must have a role that allows you to view content version history.


  1. Open one of the versions you want to use in the comparison; either the document itself or the review version if you are completing a review.

  2. Expand the History section to find the second version that you want to use in the comparison.

  3. Click the compare icon beside that version number.

  4. Scroll through the document to see the changes.


The compare version view appears in the same window and the changes are highlighted. The compare version numbers are shown on the upper-right corner where the Version number is normally located.

Changes made in the About this content section do not show in the compare version view.

What to do next

Leave the comparison view and go back to a regular view, click the red "x" in the History section or beside the version numbers on the upper-right corner.