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If you have the administer role, you see a gear icon in the Menu bar. Use this area to administer the following: 

  • Users - Add or edit users and assign their domain and role(s).

    Roles - Add or edit roles that will be assigned to users.

    Domains - Add or edit domain nodes.

  • Content types - Add or edit content types and set content expiry-related data. Base types are Document and Flow. Examples are Procedures, User Guide, or Process.

    Comment types - Add or edit comment type. Examples are Add Step, Modify Step, or Remove Step.

    Statement types - Add or edit statement type. Examples are Information, Procedural, Block, or Branch.

    Properties - Add or edit custom properties. Examples are Risk level, Procedure Type, or Use Policy.

    Workflows - Add or edit workflows. Examples are Content creation or Review.

  • Configuration - Used to administer all aspects of AcceleratorKMS.

    Dashboard - Used to manage all aspects of the dashboard.

    Request forms - Manage the form that users will use when requesting new content.

Depending on how the Administrator roles have been allocated, you may not see all the items in this list.