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You can view all the purchase needs in the Purchase Needs window.

In the Purchase Needs window, the material coordinator can see the status of the purchase needs. The purchase need is in Draft status if it is not manually released to material purchase. The purchase need is set to Final status by pressing Finalize on the toolbar. Only Final purchase needs are visible in the Purchase need list in Order Input. Thus, the person who is purchasing material can only buy material against purchase need which has Final status.

The user interface contains upper list where the purchase needs are shown. The tabs in the bottom of the window are:

  • Requests shows the reservation requests for the selected purchase need row in the upper list (if any).

  • Purchase orders shows the purchase orders for the selected purchase need row in the upper list created to fulfill the purchase need (if any).

Requests, Purchase Needs and Purchase Orders will be shown with status colors:

  • Yellow = Under work

  • Red = Late

The material coordinator can have a need to buy material into stock even if there are no reservations done in the system. The material coordinator can input the need to replenish the storage to Purchase needs. To make a new purchase need the user clicks the “+” button. Order/Section/Part fields are always read only as it is not possible to make a new purchase need for an Order/Section/Sub directly in this window, a reservation request is needed for that. The created replenish needs will go to the Purchase order need list in Order Input in the same way as other purchase needs.

Purchase needs for replenishing stock can only be made for standard articles.