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In the Articles view, the stock and reservation status of each article can be seen.

The different types of articles can be seen by selecting the type from list on the left:

  • Owners shows articles from the material owner point view. The tree will show customers who have material on stock.

  • Plates shows plate material articles in storage.

  • Profiles shows profile material articles in storage.

  • Coils shows coil material articles in storage.

  • Services shows the services in the system.

  • Components shows the components in the system.

  • Packages shows the packages in the system.

  • Stock Parts shows the stock parts in the system.

The top list can be filtered with search tool.

The same tab pages are shown in the bottom list for each selection (except Packages) on the tree:

  • Reservation Requests made for the articles

  • Reservation Reservations made for the articles

  • Purchase need Current (open) purchase needs for the articles

  • In House Materials with following statuses are shown: Raw material, MIP, Picked, Rejected, and Remnant.

  • Stock Items of the selected article in storage. Also includes end products.

For packages, the created packages are shown for each package article.