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Material specification is a suggestion to reserve material for an order. Material specifications are done in Order Input. The material specification is always connected to a customer order. It is also possible to connect to an assembly structure or to individual parts.

Material specifications are shown as read only in Inventory. If modifications are needed they must be made in Order Input.


Material reservations may differ from material specifications. Thus, there is no direct connection between material specification and reservation and it is not possible to see from material specification which reservations are made for it.


The material specifications are made for material articles only. Material specifications cannot be made for remnants.

Statuses of Material Specifications


Specification is under work.


Released for further processing like material reservation. The specification cannot be changed anymore.

After releasing the material specification in Order Input the material specification status is Final.

View Material Specification

Material Specification window contains all material specifications that have been made using Order Input. The screen is read-only since all changes to the material specification are done in Order Input.

The list can be filtered with the combo selection to show All, Final, or Draft specifications. The list can be further filtered with the search tool.