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The Graph view visualizes the stock situation in a given time frame. The list on top shows items which can be visualized in the graph. It is possible to change the contents of the top list by using the grouping selectors of the left side of the list. In the picture below, the top list is grouped by article and site. This means that each article has its own row for each site in the system.

The graph options are below the grouping selections. The time frame and length can be changed. The shown units can be changed between pcs and tons. It is also possible to view stock events on its own axis by selecting Show Events in Own Axis check box. By default, the graph updates automatically when a new item is selected on the top list but automatic updates can also be disabled by the Update Graph Automatically check box.

The graph shows the stock situation for selected item. The legend on the right side of the chart describes different colors of the graph. Stock events like reservations and purchase orders change the amount of stock.

The Storage Forecast tab shows the stock situation in a table format.