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This view shows all material reservations which have been created. The list can be filtered with the status box and search tool.

Reservations views consists of following components:

  • The list on the top shows reservations which have been made. The NC file is shown because reservation can already be connected to a nesting. NC file is filled if the reservation is created through a nesting.

  • Bottom list has four tab lists:

    • Requests shows from which reservation request the reservation originates.

    • Purchase Orders shows purchase orders which are created for the reservation.

    • Stock Items shows stock material linked to the reservation.

    • Material Orders shows material orders and order lines which are made for the reservation.

The status of the reservations (for example, used status) is visible along with the reserved, nested, booked, and used amounts of material is shown.


Material reservation is created either through order reservation request or nesting reservation.


Material reservation can be connected to all material types: articles, special materials, stock plates or remnants.


Reservation is made, but not used.

In Process

Reservation is partly used.


Reservation is completely nested. The plates reserved are all nested.


Reservation is completely booked. The reserved plates are all booked.


Reservation is completely used. The reserved plates are all used. The last manufacturing work phase of all plates is done.