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The Call Center collects service requests from a variety of sources. At the call center, contacts call in their problems and a help desk person enters a service request. The help desk person may also use e-mail or fax as the source for a new service request. Contacts can also use the service request portal and enter the request themselves. These requests are automatically routed to the help desk and managed from there.

A service request may stand on its own or may impact other departments in the organization. A simple request for directions to the office or an inquiry for the office hours can be entered and handled immediately while on the phone with the customer and can be closed after the call is ended. More serious requests, like a request to clean up a chemical spill, are likely to involve other departments, such as the maintenance department, and require the creation of a work order. Following the regulatory requirements that require that the spill be reported to the appropriate government entity, also leads to the creation of a case in HxGN EAM.

This white paper discusses setting up the call center function. There are three different methods, called Service Code Validation, to setup the services, suppliers, and departments that deliver those services. This document describes the differences between these methods and how they influence the function of the call center. This document will also discuss contact information and the relationship of the service request with the work order and the case.

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