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On the Knowledge Base Article screen, you can maintain any type of information that you want available to your help desk personnel, so they can efficiently and effectively handle service requests. It is like a Frequently Asked Questions list. Help desk personnel can search the knowledge base from within the Call Center screen.

The screen has the following important attributes:

  1. Knowledge Base Article—Unique identifier of the article.

  2. Description—Title of the article.

  3. Language—Language of the article. This is also used on the Call Center screen to filter articles by language while searching for knowledge base articles.

  4. Status—Status of the article. System Codes status entity "KBST."

  5. Department—Enter a Department if this article is relevant for that department only. When you are searching it will only be found if the department matches or if you left the Department for the search blank. Similar functionality is available for

    1. Supplier

    2. Service Category

    3. Service Code

  6. Keywords—Enter any search criteria on the Call Center screen that might be used to find this article. Searching is case insensitive. Separating keywords by space or comma is fine but not needed. The search will simply try to find the string that you entered somewhere in this field.

  7. Article Text—This text will be available to the help desk personnel after searching the knowledge base. This text may contain hyperlinks. The option to hyperlink to a Knowledge Base Article is present throughout HxGN EAM, but here it is particularly relevant. By linking these articles help desk personnel can jump from one article to another and find what they are looking for.