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EcoSys Gateway

EcoSys provides a web service client utility called EcoSys Gateway documentation included here for download. EcoSys Gateway can utilize any EcoSys object or event based published web service, and enables a simple way to interact with the APIs without programming.

Web Service Testing Tools

Among many available tools available for testing web services, these are some options:

  • SOAP Sonar: Allows importing WSDL and making SOAP calls to the defined interface.

  • RESTClient: An add on for the Firefox browser that allows making REST calls.

  • Eclipse: An integrated development environment with a built-in SOAP client called "Web Services Explorer".

  • SOAP UI: Allows importing WSDL and making SOAP calls to the defined interface, also supports REST and automated tests.

  • W3C XML Schema Validation: An online XSD/XML schema validator, used for confirming XML correctness.

EcoSys neither supports nor endorses any of these products.

Client Code Generation

Web service client code can be generated by a number of tools, including common IDEs for many modern languages. Some techniques are outlined here:

  • WADL2JAVA: A utility to generate Java classes for calling REST services. For example, download the utility and the API's WADL file and run:

    wadl2java.bat -o outdir -p com.mycompany SampleProject.wadl

  • Java XJC: A command line tool included with the JDK, you can provide the URL to the XSD for a given API to the XJC utility, along with a base class name, and XJC will generate Java classes that bind to the elements defined in the XSD.
    For example, xjc.exe -d outdir -p com.mycompany http://myserver/ecosys/xsd/SampleProject/SampleProject.xsd

  • SOAP UI: Includes utilities for generating client code for many common languages, including Java and .NET frameworks.