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If desired, calls to the API can be logged using the Batch Job Log facility within EcoSys .

This is useful for when the end user needs to view the result of the API calls from the web UI, in order to retain a permanent record of API calls and their result, or when troubleshooting API calls.

The following points must be noted when using batch job logging:

  • The logging options are specified on a per-call basis with the API. The API client program or caller must be configured to turn on the relevant logging options as part of each API request where logging is desired. This allows for very fine-grained control over batch job logging.

  • Batch job logging is supported for object write calls only (e.g. for object-based APIs doing creates, updates, or deletes). Batch job logging is not supported for object reads, since there is typically no additional information available and reads occur more frequently. For event triggers, batch job logging may be configured via the definition of each action invoked.

  • The batch job log for API calls will correctly mark the begin and end times of the call, but do not write per-record progress results as they go. Instead, all the results are written at the end of the call. For this reason, you will not see updates to the batch jog log as an API call executes, and all the results will appear once the call is complete.