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Debug logging for the API will cause the original input data record to be written to the batch job log along with the records' status. This option is valid only when combined with a logging level value of FAIL or DETAIL.

Logging debug for input data is extremely verbose and may produce a substantial amount of data in the batch job log, at least the size of each input message. For this reason, this option is recommended only for troubleshooting, and not for production use.

The input data records are written to the batch job log as "INFO" events, and thus the application server in question must have tracing enabled for batch job log "INFO" mode. This option is in Application Settings > Tracing. Without this option enabled, the application server will not write these events to the batch job log.

The option name for debug log is "logDebug", and the value should be INPUT_DATA.

Examples Using REST or SOAP

Batch Job Log Options Using REST

Batch job logging options for REST are specified as URL parameters. The following examples show how to enable logging:




Batch Job Log Options Using SOAP

Logging options for SOAP-based API calls are specified using the SOAP element "...Options"; for example, SampleOptions. Within this element are attributes for the related logging settings:

  • LogLevel — one of the following values: SUMMARY, FAIL, DETAIL

  • LogTitle — (optional) title of batch jog log to create and log to

  • LogDebug — set to "INPUT_DATA" to trace all input records in FAIL and DETAIL modes.